The IT industry is always vulnerable to professional website hackers. It becomes a serious issue when official web pages such as government entities fall prey to such an incident.

And nobody can relate to this better than India & Pakistan!

Even though we are neighbors, Pakistan and India are more like siblings. They do whatever it takes to put the blame on one another and try to get back at each other in any way possible.

The cyber-war between both is something we hear about every other day, at times it’s them who hack Pakistani websites and at times it’s vice-versa.

This time around Indian hackers has attacked the Karachi Police website.

They targetted the “top-rated news” portion of Karachi Police Website and revealed their identity as:

Mallu Cyber Soldiers

There Was An Image Of their Logo consisting of a fiery skull

At the bottom, they declared their passion for the nation by blaring:

“We Love India”

And to make this worse, they have added the audio of Vanda Mataram in the background that plays as soon as you open the homepage.


You can check it out here!



The funny part is that the message has been up for quite some time and the authorities are clueless about it.

Let’s see how Pakistani hackers will retaliate to this.

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