After Punjab has been engulfed in hazardous smoke, it has been reported by experts that the city of lights, Karachi may face extreme dust storms such as the ones in the Middle East or cyclones and hurricanes that recently hit America. The ever-changing climate and global warming have been cited as the main cause of these future natural disasters.

Deadly heat waves and torrential rains have struck almost every year recently, because of climate change. The expert environmentalist, Dr. Pervaiz Amir spoke on the effects of climate change at an event titled, ‘Environmental Degradation and Climate Change with Special focus on Karachi.’

He mentioned the city of Karachi would be the most affected out of all the cities in Pakistan, 

“In the days to come, Karachi may face extreme dust storms, devastating cyclones and hurricanes in the Arabian Sea as well as smog.”

Dr. Amir has talked about the plantation of millions of trees as the only viable option to combat the disaster to be caused by climate change. The planting of trees across the entire coastal belt is needed to protect the country against expected hurricanes and dust storms as temperatures in the Arabian Sea continue to rise.

The environmentalist has added that the deadly smog taking over Punjab is not that far off from Karachi. Smog being a manmade phenomenon would soon start occurring in the metropolis too. He further adds,

“I would urge the citizens and the authorities to stop expanding and populating this city or it would be extremely disastrous in the coming years. Instead of expanding this city, construct five to six more cities on the coastal belt of the country and divert rural population to those new cities.”

Dr. Amir said Pakistan is among the world’s top 10 countries most vulnerable to climate change and its effects.

According to Dr. Amir, Pakistan could face destabilization because of extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and environmental pollution which may cause mass migration and disease outbreaks across the country.

He further made a shocking statement where he recommended closing down schools in the country for a year in order to meet the challenges of tree plantation in Pakistan. 

“The only way forward for Pakistan to meet these challenges is enhancing tree plantation. I would even recommend closing down all the schools in the country for one year and using all this workforce and students on tree plantation, which is vital for our survival.”

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