An intense fog has engulfed Lahore, affecting breathing and visibility, forcing the residents of Lahore to stay at home.

However, the smog is man-made, a mixture of smoke & fog, created by nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and other aerosols. It is highly toxic and can be extremely harmful to the lungs, eyes and the nose.

According to the MET Office, shallow foggy and misty weather conditions are expected in plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh during morning hours.

Over the past years, a thick smog descends in Lahore every December. However, the situation has aggravated over the past 5 years owing to poor quality of air and increasing pollution. Deforestation and rapid industrialization are one of the vital causes.

Smog continues to disrupt routine life in Punjab

The adverse climate is causing is proving to be quite detrimental to health, resulting in breathing difficulties and irritation in eyes for residents.

What is more, doctors and health specialists have warned the patients of asthma to take measures to prevent themselves from the side-effects of smog.

Also, it is wrecking havoc in the cities due to reduced visibility and causing disruption in transportation.

The motorway police have issued instructions to drivers to reduce speed and switch on fog lights to avoid any accidents.

Reports reveal that the dry spell will last for as many as ten days.

Enraged Citizens Protesting on Social Media

The residents on Punjab are suffering from deep misery due to the ongoing weather situation. They are taking to Twitter to blame the government for not taking any precautions against the deadly climate change and heavy pollution.

How To Combat Smog In Lahore & Other Parts Of Punjab

Following are the tips and guidelines to follow if you reside in Lahore or any adjoining areas:

  • Make sure to keep your windows shut at all times be it at work, in the car or at home to ensure no smog gets inside an enclosed area.
  • It is preferable to stay indoors until the smog dissipates
  • Minimize your exposure to smog by avoiding congested areas and traffic jams. Bikers and vehicle owners are advised to take routes that have the least traffic obstructions.
  • For asthma and chronic pulmonary disease patients, it is advised to have your inhaler on you at all times.
  • During smog, the ground level contains a higher amount of ozone and therefore increased physical activity may result in irregular breathing patterns.
  • Don’t keep your engines running

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