Pakistan’s first one of its kind reality TV show is all about drama and entertainment. In its recent season of Tamasha, the celebrities have lined up to show off their performances while living in a house overlooked by Adnan Siddiqui. The show has been receiving rave reviews for the kind of content and while not all reviews are great, the comedic element is what keeps the audience hooked to their screens.

In a recent episode of Tamasha which is going to be premiered tomorrow Pakistani actor and contestant Junaid Niazi will have a heartfelt reunion with his daughter.

The trailer for the upcoming episode was shared on the TV channel’s official Instagram page. Take a look at the trailer below.

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The trailer shows the actor’s daughter who was just greeted inside the Tamasha house by another contestant. He was then called out by the contestant to meet his daughter and while calling her out his princess, Junaid broke into tears while hugging her daughter.

While the emotions have been raw and the fellow contestants were also spotted getting emotional over the reunion, it shows that not everything portrayed in the show is drama.

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