Careem under fire for offensive tweet
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The most-popular ride-hailing service, Careem has recently come under a lot of fire due to a controversial tweet that they made, and deleted! It is not the first time that the company has done something like this, as we have experienced such news in the past.

It was a tweet that played upon words using a viral video that had been circulating, but it seemed to have other motivated undertones to it. The post in question, now deleted, featured a phrase that gained political significance after its use by a former political leader during a televised altercation. Careem issued a statement regarding a controversial social media post that drew criticism from the PML-N party.

careem and an offensive post
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Focusing on the Business

This phrase had been associated with a party’s success in the general elections and recent political developments, thus it seemed to carry political overtones when Careem tweeted it. The response was even angry, with people emphasizing that the company needs to work on their customer service and ride-hailing services rather than running offensive marketing campaigns. The timing of the post coincided with PML-N’s announcement of coalition bids for forming the government, adding to the political sensitivity.

In turn, the X account accused Careem of promoting political agendas and denounced the post as a marketing tactic. Social media users resorted to doxxing Careem employees in response to the controversy. While we agree that the tweet seems to be in poor taste, but it does not mean that all the employees start having their private lives out in the open. They are also workers of a major organization and not everyone has a hand in what goes on in the marketing region.

Issuing A Statement

Careem clarified that the post aimed to advertise its ‘later booking’ feature and was not politically motivated. The company reiterated its neutrality in political matters and emphasized its focus on providing ride-hailing services.

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