A raging controversy surrounding anchorperson Gharida Farooqui blew up yesterday after ARY news reported the journalist to be involved in child labor and harassment of the domestic worker.

Iqrar ul Hassan hosts the show, Sar-e-Aam and as a fellow journalist, he is enraged with the news about Farooqui. He believes it is high time authorities take legal action against such people who employ children as house workers and then confine them without providing them with the freedom that they are entitled to.

Anchor Gharida Farooqui Exposed Through Leaked Video!

Iqrar ul Hassan talks about the leaked audio tape on Gharida Farooqi where she was heard abusing her domestic worker’s parents.

“The audio has been authenticated through a specialist software system!”

Hassan continues to say:

“The telephonic conversation shows a totally different personality of Gharida, opposite of what we usually see on television screens.”

Here’s the complete report on Iqrar-Ul-Hassan’s Message Regarding the Controversy!

A petition signed by the child’s father had been filed against Gharida Farooqui and with the help of the local police, the girl was rescued from the anchorperson’s residence in Lahore.

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