It has been long since Igloo Pakistan has made an advertising splash in the market! Come to think of it, one will hardly remember the last time they saw any note-worthy campaign by the brand.

A few days back, Igloo rolled out a new advertising campaign that will give you an uncanny Deja Vu feeling!

Wondering why?

The TVC, highlighting Igloo’s Moments Ice Cream, is bound to remind you of various Walls promotions as it revolves around the similar brand appeal and use of seductive advertising tone.

See the TVC & decide for yourself!


The TVC ignited quite a buzz on the marketing forum, Khalid Alvi Marketing Next.

Many did not agree with the use of subliminal appeal in the TVC

This was sarcasm at its peak!

People actually found it cringeworthy!

However, some people argued over if it was okay to copy Walls or not

But this guy thought that Igloo did not imitate Walls at all!

Other Critics thought that the brand is in dire need of a revamp!

Well from the looks of it, Igloo’s ad seems to have been inspired by Walls.

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