Imran Khan has announced the release of the arrested Indian pilot ‘Abhinandan’ as a ‘gesture of peace’.

The pilot was arrested by Pakistani troops after two Indian Force fighter jets were shot down by Pakistan on Wednesday morning for violating airspace.

Khan stated:

“In our desire of peace, I announce that tomorrow, and as a first step to open negotiations, Pakistan will be releasing the Indian Air Force officer in our custody”

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Whilst India’s mainstream media continues to sensationalize the gesture of goodwill as ‘Pakistan’s sign of weakness’, there are some sane minds across the border that have welcomed Khan’s move with love and appreciation.

Imran Khan’s ardent fan, Navjot Singh Siddu was amongst the first to laud our PM.

Popular Indian music composer and playback singer thanked Imran Khan for releasing the prisoner.

Actress Meera Chopra tweeted that she has huge respect for Khan!

Ad filmmaker, Ram Subramanian too didn’t shy away from expressing his gratitude towards Khan.

Journalist and author Sagarika clearly stated that Modi has been outdone by “a swashbuckling cricket captain”.

Bollywood journalist Shobhaa De praised Khan for sending Abhinandan safe and sound.

Indian reporter, Nidhi Verma was left in awe of the Pakistani PM.

Emmy Nominated Indian reporter too applauded Khan for promoting peace.

This is a developing story.

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