Azan Sami – the highly acclaimed son of Zeba Bakhtiar and Adnan Sami has been making waves in the Pakistani entertainment industry for a few years. His debut album ‘Azaanthealbum’ is all set to release on October 30th. Amidst the promotions for his upcoming album, Azan sat down with Ahmed Ali Butt for his podcast ‘Excuse Me’ for a candid interview.

Azan Sami Discusses His Relationship With His Father

While the host, Ahmed Ali Butt, shared his stance on growing up amidst a separated family and how he used humor as a shield and only it was after marriage he realized that he has compromised himself emotionally. Leading up the conversation, Butt asked Azan about his experience while growing up amidst the divorce of his parents whose personal life became a highlight of mainstream media and news. He asked ‘if he thinks the same happened to him and whether the insecurity of not having something steady in life and a stable home was difficult?’

To his response, Azan started his answer with, ‘My mother did her best, I know that but a father is a father.’  

Sharing his own experience with his separated family Azan mentioned that he thinks both the parents have a designated space in a child’s life and that cannot be replaced. However, while talking about his experience in the entertainment industry, the actor shared his utter disappointment over getting the inside scoop about his father.

‘In the industry, I found this constant questioning whether I meet my father or not. As if, does he own me or not.’

‘For me, he’s my dad whether he is an Indian or Pakistani. I have had people tell me to give a negative statement about him and India since that would benefit me in the long run.’

Adding, ‘I have not been raised to speak ill of my parents.’

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Later in the interview, Azan shared his stance on being born with a silver spoon and having a flag of nepotism above his head, Azan said that he doesn’t care about he people perceive him and it certainly doesn’t bother him at all.

‘I will only care if someone talks about my work.’ He said.

Further adding, ‘If there’s a song of my father that has ever played at a wedding, I could never be able to compete with and I won’t ever want to.’

While talking about his father’s music he mentioned that he has been lately using his father’s codes and melodies since that is his legacy and as long as he can sing his father’s songs decently there’s no harm in singing them.

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