No one is immune to the wrath of keyboard critics and no, not even our celebrities. The comments section of celebrities and actors is always filled with vile and derogatory remarks.

While some tend to respond, others make sure to not pay any heed to their haters. However, not everyone deserves a faux pass and actress Zoya Nasir has made sure to respond to one such person.

Recently, Zoya Nasir came across a comment under her post where the netizen or a so-called motivational speaker accused the actress of getting lip fillers.

While comparing her with the iconic character of our childhood cartoons, the troll mentioned that the actress now resembles ‘Kachra Rani’. Here’s what she wrote in the comment.

“Drama lagta ha is ka 7 bje. Is ne apne honton (lips) per itne injections lagwae hain, Kachra Rani lag rae ha,” the user wrote. 

Furious, Zoya Nasir also clapped back at her hater.

The actress took to her Instagram story with a screenshot of the comment and publicly called out the troll on her stories. Responding to her comment, Zoya mentioned that the marks are a result of an accident she had as a child. However, the troll didn’t respond to any of her messages and went on to block the actress from social media platforms.

Zoya Nasir didn’t stop there and shared the development with her followers to ask for help.

“I urge you all to help get rid of the bitterness she holds in her heart and give her the courage to do things face to face rather than hiding behind keyboards. Unfortunately I can’t tag her but you can,” Zoya shared on her story.

What are your thoughts on the whole scenario? Let us know in the comments.

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