gwadar cricket stadium
Image Source: Twitter/ Fakhr e Alam

You have probably come across numerous pictures of Gwadar Cricket Stadium by now. The cricket stadium’s images instantly went viral a few days ago, which was perceived as a piece of heaven to play cricket on by most cricket enthusiasts.

The Indian Outrage Over The Praise Of Gwadar Cricket Stadium

Soon after the stadium’s pictures went viral, many Indians took offense and took it as an opportunity to brag about other cricket stadiums of the world with a view. There are probably many such cricket stadiums, but it’s interesting to see some Indians hold such resentment against Pakistan that they tried to take the attention off the new stadium.

While ICC’s official account shared it as a generic post praising the beauty of a cricket stadium, many Indian hyper nationalists got triggered and started spamming the tweet with pictures of other stadiums.


While we love the enthusiasm of Indians taking the time out to share pictures of some of the best stadiums in the world, what makes it sad is that it took a tweet on ICC’s official account to downplay the beauty of Gwadar’s Cricket Stadium.

Pakistan and India have had a rocky relationship ever since both countries gained independence from the British. And this is not the first time that one of them tried to humiliate the other on a global platform.

Pakistani Host and public figure Fakhr E Alam also shared the stadium on his Twitter, which prompted South African bowler Dale Steyn’s attention too. And as expected, the tweets under it were full of abuses hurled by those who hold resentment against the country.

So Which Is The Most Beautiful And Picturesque Stadium In The World?

The fact that Gwadar’s stadium caught the spotlight does not take away beauty from other cricket stadiums of the world. Indians and Pakistanis have a hard time accepting each other generally. While there are numerous sane voices on both sides of the border, the few irrational, hyper-nationalists and politically motivated individuals resort to name-calling and bashing each other on social media. 

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