gwadar cricket stadium
Image Source: Twitter/ Fakhr e Alam

Pakistani celebrity Fakhr e Alam decided to take to Twitter to introduce the whole world to Gwadar’s very own very beautiful cricket stadium. He actually uploaded a video from atop a rugged terrain that overlooked a stadium. He called it the “most beautiful cricket ground” he had ever seen.

Fakhr e Alam’s visit to Gwadar Cricket Stadium

He tweeted: “I actually got to play cricket at the Gawadar Cricket stadium…it’s a nice true pitch…great for batting…but the scenes are just so so spectacular…come to Gawadar and come play cricket with the locals…they are really good.


He proceeded to share some pictures from the stadium itself that had picturesque backgrounds.

“To all #cricket playing friends everywhere in the world….come visit us…come play cricket with us here in Gawadar cricket ground….it’s the most beautiful cricket ground I have ever seen……”

Faisal Iqbal saw Fakhr e Alam’s commentary of the stadium and agreed with it. He, too, found the pictures amazing and said that he was looking forward to visiting it soon.


ICC shares the pictures of Gwadar Cricket Stadium

When celebrities share something on their social media, it is bound to go viral given the number of followers they have. So the pictures of Gwadar also went viral and were noticed by the International Cricket Council (ICC). They shared those pictures as well. Now, just imagine the reach of the Twitter account of an international body.

Safe to say, that all the diehard cricket fans would now know about it. Especially since ICC sparked a conversation, Gwadar will stay on people’s minds for some time.

A little background to the newly discovered stadium

Known as the Gwadar Cricket Stadium, the official name is ‘Senator Muhammad Ishaq Baloch Cricket Stadium’. It was inaugurated in November last year.

Following its recent fame, Prime Minister Imran Khan also commented on it. Sharing Fakhr e Alam’s pictures, he captioned it:

The world’s most picturesque cricket stadium.”

The pictures that have reached the media are, without a doubt, amazing. Let’s hope cricket can further flourish, and we can invite people to our country to play matches right here in Gwadar. At least there won’t be any traffic jams in Karachi that way.

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