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An Indian businessman, Shankar Kurhade, who comes from a state called Pune, buys a gold face mask, which is worth a whopping $4000 to protect himself from the deadly coronavirus.

The amount of gold used in the mask weighs 60 grams (equal to 2 ounces). It took the craftsmen eight days to bring the piece to life.

The biggest concern the businessman had with the ordinary mask was that it blocked breathing and was uncomfortable, whereas the gold mask is comfortable. He said, “It is a thin mask and has tiny pores that are helping me to breathe.”

The man also adds that he is unsure if the mask he has gotten tailor-made for himself protects him from the coronavirus or not, He said, “I am not sure if it will be effective to protect me from a coronavirus infection, but I am taking other precautions.”

He is, however, taking other precautionary measures. Since the day he has stepped out with his gold mask, people want to take pictures with him. “People are asking me for selfies; they are awestruck when they see me wearing the gold mask in markets,” he said.

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The 49-year old businessman says he likes to wear a kilogram of jewelry when stepping out. His jewelry pieces include necklaces, a ring on each hand, and bracelets. Now, a gold face mask.

The company that made the mask, Kurhade, who makes industrial sheds, initially told the tabloid that they got the idea of making a face mask out of gold when they saw it on the news. However, the man wore a cover made out of silver.

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In India, it is mandatory to wear a facemask before leaving home. The decision came after the coronavirus cases increased rapidly in the country. There are around 650,000 + confirmed cases as of now and more than 18,600 fatalities.

How do you know which facemasks are authentic? 

Here’s a simple trick, wear the face mask and try to blow a candle. If you successfully blow the candle, you better get a different quality face mask before stepping out. Since the pandemic, the market is flooded with fake and low quality face masks that can prove to be dangerous.

A detailed document on the use of facemasks is provided on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website “for individuals in the community, public health and infection prevention and control (IPC) professionals, health care managers, health care workers (HCWs), and community health workers.”

You can do your detailed research from reliable sources on how to stay safe during the ongoing pandemic as we will be using face masks for quite a while now. Some parts of the world are still locked down to curb COVID-19.

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