Imran Khan is one Pakistani personality that always manages to make headlines with whatever he does. Be it leading the Pakistani cricket team to victory, establishing his political career or his ever increasing list of marriages; he is always in the limelight for one thing or the other.

And this time it’s no different!

Over the past few months, there had been a lot of speculation regarding his third marriage with Bushra Maneka.

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However, no one had seen or heard of the lady… till now!

That’s right – we have finally managed to get hold of the lady’s picture with her influential husband.

So without further ado, making her photo “debut” with her husband, Imran Khan is none other than Bushra Bibi.

Take a look at the beautiful couple, Imran Khan With Bushra Bibi below:

imran khan with bushra bibi

Dressed in a soft pink gown and her head covered, Bushra manages to compliment her husband, who looks handsome as ever in a baby blue shirt and pants.

imran khan with bushra bibi

imran khan

When the news of his marriage had come out, there had been a lot of comments about his personal life, attacking the former cricketer, leading him to address the issue online.

He posted a series of Tweets where he was seen clarifying his stance. 

Well! All that is in the past… for now, we can’t stop admiring the couple and wish them all the best!

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