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The recent incident of Sindh Text Board’s free textbooks being widely sold to scrap dealers in Golarchi Tehsil of Badin District has sparked yet another controversy in the field of education in Pakistan. This appalling act not only undermines the essence of education but also casts a shadow on the distribution system meant to empower students with learning resources.

The revelation that textbooks meant for students in government schools were diverted to scrap dealers is nothing short of a disgrace. It’s a blatant betrayal of trust towards the very system designed to foster learning opportunities for the underprivileged. The prompt action by the Education Department to launch an investigation and seize the books is commendable, signaling a stance against such deplorable practices.

Publishers nabbed in Karachi for selling pirated textbooks
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A Disturbing Repeat

However, this incident isn’t an isolated one. Regrettably, it echoes a similar occurrence in Ghotki back in 2022 when textbooks from 2016 to 2020 were also sold to scrap dealers. At that time, the issue caused an uproar, prompting an inquiry committee to probe the matter. The subsequent report cleared Sindh Education Department officials, highlighting that the sold books belonged to private publishers or semi-government entities, distinct from the Sindh Textbook Board.

Such recurrent incidents underscore a systemic flaw that needs immediate rectification. The breach in the distribution chain not only jeopardizes the availability of learning materials for students but also undermines the government’s sincere efforts to provide free education resources.

Strengthening the System

Education is the cornerstone of societal progress, and any compromise in ensuring its accessibility and quality is detrimental to the nation’s future. The responsible authorities must implement stringent measures to safeguard the distribution process, ensuring that the intended beneficiaries, the students, receive the educational resources designated for their advancement.

4.1 million students get free textbooks
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While investigations unfold and actions are taken against those involved in this despicable act, it’s imperative for the government and education stakeholders to fortify the distribution mechanisms. Transparent oversight, accountability measures, and community vigilance are crucial to prevent the recurrence of such disgraceful incidents.

Preserving the integrity of educational resources, especially free textbooks, must remain a collective priority to nurture a generation capable of steering the nation towards progress and prosperity.

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