Going under the knife to preserve your youthful features is not a big deal nowadays. However, acknowledgment about getting the treatments done to keep aging at bay often becomes difficult. Many celebrities over the years have received plastic surgery and facial aesthetic treatments to maintain their youthfulness. However, not everyone gathered the courage to talk about it.

Iffat Omer is another social media star who has been vocal about going under the knife. The actress on multiple occasions has shared her raw thoughts about receiving facial treatments.

In a recent interview, the actress-turned-host discussed how her work requires a certain level of investment when it comes to keeping your facial features alive.

Iffat Omer Opens Up About Aesthetic Treatments 

In a series of questions, the interviewer asked the actress about not changing much even after serving for decades in the showbiz industry. To which the actress responded, “We women are aware of our diet and take care of our health. Then, of course, there is help from the doctors, I won’t lie.”

“There are a lot of procedures including lasers, fillers, skin tightening, botox, thread lifts. These are our tools. Since we are actors working in the industry.”

Take a look at Iffat Omer’s detailed podcast interview below.

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The actress who has been very vocal about getting facial treatments done shares her response to being open about the discussion and not hiding anything from the public.

“The main reason why I have always talked about it is the fact that the viewers and kids who watch us must know that we do take help from doctors to look a certain way.” 

Facial treatments and aesthetic procedures are known to be quite heavy on the pocket. While talking about these treatments from a price point the actress mentions,

“This is my investment in my work and the money I earn I tend to spend it on myself as well.”

She then also talked about actresses receiving these treatments but not being open about them adding that she can surely tell if someone has gotten something done but will never share it on screen.

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