In any university, junior staff personnel is crucial for the effective operation of the institution. They are in charge of performing various administrative and support duties essential to the university’s day-to-day operations. It is crucial that they are respected and given credit for their work. Fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration can help to establish a healthy work atmosphere where younger staff members feel appreciated and liked, resulting in higher productivity and a better overall university experience. Universities become better places for everyone if we cultivate a culture of inclusivity and mutual respect by being courteous and appreciative to junior staff members.

Fortunately, Pakistani students of IBA have shown a display of what real education actually is. Here have a look at the video first.

The video shows students from the IBA boy’s hostel giving Zakir Lala, a mess staff member, a very tear-jerking and sentimental farewell. The video is very emotional as is the reaction of Zakir Lala. Zakir Lala has given more than 31 years of his life to IBA and was one of the most devoted, dedicated, modest, and industrious employees. The video has 300K views, around 6k likes, and almost 4k shares on Facebook. People have been showing immense amounts of love and respect in the comments under the video. Here are some reactions.

These comments sum up the general reaction of the people. Everyone loved and adored the IBA students for the gesture and initiative they planned on doing for Zakir Lala. Many people also agreed that this is what real education is supposed to look like. Education is not in books, exams, or encyclopedias. But education is such a selfless and humble gesture.

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