Mental Health
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Pakistani Actress, Humaima Malik urges people to give mental health utmost priority. We are going through unprecedented times and might as well have to spend a few more months in quarantine due to the ongoing pandemic.

She wants people to look around and see if someone is not feeling their best. Instead of asking questions that will worry them, just listen to them. Give them a surety that you’re here, and you will listen.


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She tweeted on her official twitter account: “Mental health! Take it seriously. Please help people who need it; if you see anyone around you who isn’t feeling their best please help them instead of asking them questions …. our mind gets hurt also like our hearts.”

Fans have been appreciating media personalities for advocating mental health. Five years ago, this topic was taboo in our society.

Concerns About Mental Health

The suicide of Shushant Singh Rajput recently has shaken people. It has raised concerns about mental health and how it can lead someone to take their own life when the world seems dark.

Zara Noor Abbas Shares She Has Been Diagnosed With Clinical Depression. Read the full story here:

Zara Noor Abbas Shares She Has Been Diagnosed With Clinical Depression

Bollywood Star, Deepika Padukone has been raising her voice as she was once battling with mental illness. She tweeted, saying, “It is extremely heartening to see soo many of you coming out and sharing your experience with mental illness.”

She has started adding content to her Instagram highlights called “GUIDES”. Nurture your mental health, and do not hesitate to seek support when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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