Humaima Malick never fails to speak her mind! What is more, she always stands up for rights of women all over the world! Recently, she took to Twitter to blast all those who blame women for being raped!

Her blunt statement comes just after the Indian minister slammed women for donning western dresses at a New Year’s eve celebration at Bengaluru where many of them become the victim of sexual assaults.

See what she shared on Twitter here!

She made sure her followers realize that women, regardless of their dress-code, never invite men to assault them. 

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Reports reveal that many women were allegedly assaulted at the NYE party in Bengaluru.

“A large number of youngsters gathered – youngsters who are almost like westerners,” Karnataka’s Home Minister G. Parameshwara told The Times Now television network, speaking in English. “

“They try to copy Westerners not only in mindset but even the dressing, so some disturbance, some girls are harassed, these kind of things do happen,” he added.

Malick is amongst the first Pakistani celebrities to speak her mind on the burning matter.

Many Bollywood stars took to social media and bashed the Indian minister for his harsh views!


It is about time influential women all over the world unite and make it clear that its the mindset of conservative men that need to be change rather than targeting females to change what they prefer to wear!

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