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According to a study, 9 out of 10 parents complain that their teenage kids spend too much time playing games. Parents need to instill healthy gaming habits in their kids. Children, particularly in their adolescent years, get more rebellious. It can get challenging to make them understand the importance of a healthy life. You should introduce a healthy gaming lifestyle for them when they are young.

However, you should talk to your teenage children about what’s best for them. You must let them know the limits. Let them know that even though playing games is fun but they should balance it with their physical activities.

Here are five healthy gaming habits for parents of teens:

1. Set a time limit

You should set a limit on the time your kids spend playing games. Don’t allow your teens to spend more than one or two hours while playing video games. Games are designed, in a way, to attract players and get them hooked. Hence, you must be firm on your time limit.

Additionally, you should make it clear to your kids that they are not allowed to play games in school time or study time at home. You must keep in mind that mobile gaming has made it easily accessible for kids to play games anywhere and anytime.

2. Playing outside is important

Children need to play outside. It is because a healthy human body requires physical movement. When kids play games, their mind regularly works, but their body does not. A non-active body can fall prey to sickness and exhaustion easily. Workout with your kids as it will instill healthy gaming habits in your family.

3. Get them to spend quality time with family

Spending time with family is a great way to relax. Children who develop gaming addiction or unhealthy patterns have a terrible relationship with the family. These kids isolate themselves only in their gaming world.

4.  No gaming consoles in the bedroom

healthy gaming habits
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Follow this rule strictly with your kids. If they have the gaming console in their bedroom, it will likely tempt them to play games before bed or at night. This will disturb their sleeping routine.

5. Get them to socialize 

As I mentioned above, kids who do not interact with their friends and family are more likely to get gaming addiction. You must not only spend time with them but also make sure that they have a good relationship with their siblings. You can also invite over their friends to study or just hang out with them.

6. Don’t let gaming consoles babysit

One of the most common parenting mistakes is that parents let mobile phones and games babysit their kids. If your kids are feeling bad or are stressed, do not let them play games to get better. Instead, talk to them yourself.

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