In an effort to protect the data stored on drives which you do not want to get leaked, Google has introduced a new option for its Google Drive which limits downloading, printing and copying of any file in the Google Drive by the shared users.

Under the Information Rights Management (IRM), people will be able to enjoy more control over their content after the incorporation of this feature. Though a feeble addition to a much bigger upshot, this feature will give users a leg up.

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The feature is applicable to all the apps in Google Drive; documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos. And it is very simple it in motion.

1. Open your file in Docs, Sheets, Slides or Photos on Google Drive.

2. Click on the “Share” option on the right top corner of your file.1


3. Open Advance settings.



4. Check the mark with “Disable options to download, print and copy for commenters and viewers” option.



5. Save changes, and you have safeguarded your information against privacy invaders.

Simple and easily employable as it seems, Google avoids setting the developers off and enables them to administer it using Google Drive API.

However, these settings can be enabled by the file owner only and can be accessed through the website only. One disadvantage of this feature is that it will obstruct shared users from all three functions simultaneously.

Once activated other users will not be able to download, print and copy without owner’s permission.

In order to enable someone else to alter accessibility rights, the owner will have to share ownership rights with him/her. Although it will relieve the users but not completely, the people with whom the file is shared with can still take a snapshot or copy the content manually.

While Google acclaims this feature as “perfect” in situations you need to refrain leakage of information from your files containing “sensitive information.”