Are you addicted to the internet? Do you feel the need to turn every thought process into a Facebook status or a quirky 140-character tweet? Do you have the urge to Instagram every meal you eat or Snapchat every time you have to use the loo?

Well then dear reader, you need to delete yourself from the internet. Every follower or like you get isn’t going to make your life any better. You need a full treatment and we are here to assist you!

So if you’ve decided that you must get off the grid completely – here are some useful tips that will allow you to do just that:

Delete all your social media accounts!

If that doesn’t work, BURN THEM ALL.


And have a cook out while you are at it. Cause why not?

Or maybe not… it might be hazardous or something. Idk.. I’m not a specialist and please don’t hurt yourself.

You can even wash up all your devices like ‘Gopi Vahu’ did with her husband!

Instead of Instagramming your food, announce it in megaphone and let everyone what you’re having..

Get outside the house more often and look around. Nature can be refreshingly good for you!

When you feel the need to comment on anything and everything, keep it to yourself.


And if the urge still persists, tell yourself you are better than this.

Or better yet, get a life.


P.S. This post is written by a person addicted to social media herself!

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