Snapchat has introduced a new feature which now lets you delete unseen messages. This feature is very similar to WhatsApp recall, which allows you to delete a message before the recipient sees it.

However, when deleted, the recipient will get a notice, just like WhatsApp, will receive a notification that a message was sent but was deleted.

In order to delete a message you have accidentally sent to the wrong person, follow the following steps;

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How to Delete Unseen Snapchat Messages

Step 1- Open the chat

Step 2- Tap and hold on to the message which needs to be deleted, you will see the following window open

Tap on ‘Delete’.

Step 3-  a new window will open which looks like the following

Tap on ‘Delete Chat?’ and voila!

Your screen will now look like the following;

P.S you can also delete seen messages as well! Happy Snapping!

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