nepotism film industry pakistan
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Nepotism is rampant across all entertainment industries. However, the rise of it in Bollywood is what got the conversation started. This has encouraged people to look within and also contemplate to what extent nepotism plays a role in our own industry. So far, it’s apparent that nepotism is strengthening its hold in the Pakistani entertainment industry also. Here’s what it’s doing:

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Discourages New People From Joining

Consider Shahroze Sabzwari, Ahad Raza Mir, Noor Zaffar Khan. These are all names that have proven their existence in the industry only because of their older siblings or parents. Now, naturally, they have become big names too. What does this do? It discourages new people from joining the industry because it shows them that the cycle continues working within families only.

nepotism film industry pakistan
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Talent Of The Industry Is Discounted

Moreover, while some may join through nepotism but then prove their talent, others may simply flop. When nepotism becomes rampant and it gives space to those individuals who can’t stand on their own, it shows outsiders that our entertainment industry is not worth it.

This can discount the impact of the work created by Pakistanis. When the nepotism debate sparked in Bollywood, the business of the industry greatly declined.

nepotism film industry pakistan
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People Don’t Want To See Local

Recently on Eid, the whole “watch local, support local” fiasco blew up in our faces. Local producers were upset about the fact that people prefer Hollywood productions rather than their own. Can we blame Pakistanis for doing so when the local movies are full of nepotism? Who would want to see the same generations going on again and again and again! First Javed Sheikh and then her daughter Momal Sheikh which is also a sign of nepotism.

nepotism film industry pakistan
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Why This Needs To Stop

This needs to stop because nepotism discourages people from supporting the industry. Pakistani industry is a nascent industry and when people become dissuaded from watching something from a nascent industry, the industry then has no future. As a result, to build confidence and trust in the people of the nation, it is important to rid the industry of this mark of nepotism.

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