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With the world pivoting towards sustainability, EVs are becoming increasingly popular. However, a recent study has raised concerns about their safety, particularly for pedestrians. Find out why electric vehicles are considered more dangerous than their petrol counterparts.

The Sound Of Silence

According to a thorough study of traffic incidents in Britain, hybrid and electric automobiles are more likely than gasoline or diesel vehicles to collide with pedestrians, particularly in metropolitan areas. Electric and hybrid automobiles have double the risk of colliding with pedestrians than fossil fuel-powered cars, according to data gathered from 3 trillion miles of gasoline and diesel car travels and 32 billion miles of battery-powered car travel.

Silent Electric Cars
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One of the key factors contributing to this increased risk is the lack of noise. EVs are notoriously quiet, particularly at lower speeds where tire and aerodynamic noise is minimal. This silence, while a blessing for noise pollution, turns into a potential hazard for unsuspecting pedestrians who rely on auditory cues to navigate the roads safely.

The Demographics Of Electric Vehicle Drivers

The majority of EV owners are middle-aged, with a sizable percentage of younger, less experienced drivers operating the vehicles, according to their demographic profile. This inexperience combined with EVs’ quiet approach makes for an ideal environment for accidents.

While the study focuses on data from Britain, the implications are global. As Pakistan’s urban centers like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad see a rise in EV adoption, the findings serve as a cautionary tale. The country’s already chaotic traffic conditions could be further complicated by the addition of these near-silent vehicles.

Electric Vehicles on Road
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A Call For Action Against The Electric Menace

The results of the study have prompted a need for action. Policymakers worldwide should consider mandating artificial sound systems for EVs, similar to the requirements in the UK and EU. These devices should emit a sound at slow speeds to alert pedestrians of oncoming electric vehicles.

There’s also a need for public awareness campaigns. Let’s educate pedestrians and drivers alike about the unique risks posed by EVs. In Pakistan, where jaywalking is prevalent and traffic rules are often disregarded, such education could be lifesaving!

As we embrace the green revolution, we must not overlook the safety of our streets. Smart regulations and public awareness must meet the challenge presented by the rise of EVs. We can mitigate the silent threat of EVs, ensuring that the roads of Pakistan—and the world—stay safe for everyone.

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