The blessed days of Ramadan are very significant for Muslims. The holy month teaches abstinence, brotherhood and gives the message of practicing tolerance and patience. However, a recent incident involving two families returning to Karachi Airport after performing Umrah has compelled us to hang our heads in shame.

A heated argument erupted between members of two families over Zam Zam water during their flight back to the homeland. The incident took an even uglier turn as soon as they landed at the Karachi International airport.

Consequently, a heavy brawl erupted between the clans, even involving other passengers and visitors in its heat.

A witness shared the incident’s video on social media, showing the sad state of affairs at the Karachi airport.

With the fight quickly escalating and creating havoc, the airports’ officials quickly stepped in to sort out the matter.

Although the issue was eventually resolved, on social media was left outraged over the lack of decorum displayed by the people involved in the incident.

Here’s what they had to say about it:

Others were more vocal with their opinions.

The viral video has left a bad taste in the mouth and has raised a serious question regarding the behavior of the two parties involved in the drama.

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