We’ve all done it. When your eyes feel tired and you want to give them a break, you give them a good rub. But despite being a common habit, rubbing your eyes can not only cause temporary discomfort but also long-term damage if done frequently. Believe me—you don’t want to take your chances when it comes to the health of your eyes.

The Impact of Eye Rubbing on Your Vision

Do you rub your eyes frequently? Even if you don’t think you do, rubbing your eyes throughout the day could be doing more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to understand the effects of eye rubbing, so you can take better care of your eyes and vision.

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For starters, it’s important to recognize that the skin around your eyes is extremely fragile. Rubbing it can cause creasing, stretching, and even broken capillaries (tiny blood vessels). Also, when you rub your eyes, you increase your risk of infection from bacteria and viruses. Eye rubbing also has a range of impacts on your vision. It can worsen existing conditions such as dry eye and puffy eyelids and can even cause temporary vision blurring and double vision. Over time, frequent eye rubbing increases the likelihood that these conditions will become chronic or permanent.

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Effects of Eye Rubbing on Your Eyelids

You might think that rubbing your eyes only lasts a short while, but it can have long-term effects on your eyelids as well—including dryness, itchiness, redness, and inflammation. All this can be exacerbated when you rub your eyes after using concealer or mascara, as these products can further irritate the skin around the eyes. In some cases, eye rubbing may cause the skin to flake or even develop small cysts. Meanwhile, rubbing your eyes also leads to increased production of oil in the glands around your eyelids, which could cause pimples or acne.

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Eye Infections Due To Eye Rubbing

The most common bacterial infection resulting from frequent eye rubbing is conjunctivitis (or pink eye) which is caused by an inflammation of the conjunctiva—a thin, transparent membrane that lines the inner surface of eyelids and covers the white portion of the eye. This can lead to swelling, itchiness, and a discharge that can form a crusty layer over the eyelashes. In extreme cases, pink eye can cause vision loss if left untreated.

It’s important to avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible to prevent any potential bacterial infections or other complications related to frequent eye contact with your hands.

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