A few days ago, recreational center District 19 took to its official Instagram account to cancel its Girls’ Night indefinitely. The event which has gathered hundreds of women regularly to provide a safe avenue for them to practice their love for music and generally enjoy being themselves was shut down by women themselves. The management shared their utter disbelief at what had happened and what caused them to take such a difficult decision.

District 19’s Statement 

In an official statement released on the Instagram account, the officials cleared the air about multiple instances of their organizers being abused and receiving crass comments in their DM’s for not living up to girls’ demands.

“We have been receiving DM’s and it is time that we clear a lot of things. We have never spoken or talked about this but due to the circumstances from the last girls’ night event we want to address some key aspects once and for all.” 

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Image source: Instagram

“We are heavily saddened about how the majority of the crowd trashed the place and wasn’t careful about littering even though it is a very basic thing to be mindful of. It caused us and our staff an immense inconvenience. Although this happens at almost every girls’ night, this time it was unbearable.”

“Girl’s Night isn’t just about music and dancing but is all about bringing girls of all backgrounds together. The music is a reflection of diversity amongst all women and may resonate with various women differently. As is the case with ALL clubs and parties around the world, and the music is up to the DJ’s discretion.”

“We do not tolerate any amount of disrespect to our talent or staff members by anybody. Regular patrons or not. When we talk about providing a ‘safe space,’ we meant for everyone, including our team, staff, and especially our artists.”

Now that the girls’ night is suspended indefinitely, Karachi girls have one less thing to look forward to when it comes to leisure activities. However, the immense backlash and constant criticism is something that the public needs to be varied off.

What are your views about the cancellation of the girls’ night? Let us know in the comments below.

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