whatsapp chats safer
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The latest news is that WhatsApp has now released a new open-source browser extension which will add another layer of security for the users of WhatsApp. The messaging app is already one of the most secure apps to use but now it is stepping up its game. Here’s what you need to know about it: 

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The Latest News

The new extension that WhatsApp is now using is called Code Verify. This service works in conjunction with the web infrastructure company called Cloudflare to provide independent, third-party verification of the code users are given on WhatsApp Web. You might be wondering what this technical language means so let us break it down. This basically will ensure that your WhatsApp Web code in use hasn’t been hacked.

whatsapp chats safer
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There Was A Gap

WhatsApp already had protected the personal messages sent on WhatsApp Web using end-to-end encryption. This is why many users opted for it as their main messaging app. However, there were still many factors that could weaken the security of a web browser that does not exist in the mobile app space. This is also because the mobile operating systems guarantee greater security on phones. App stories review and approve your new app and software updates.

whatsapp chats safer
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Since this is not the case for web browsers, one was still at some partial risk.

The New Code Verify

Subresource integrity is the new feature introduced. This is a security feature that allows web browsers to verify that the resources they receive haven’t been tampered with. This may only apply to single files but now Code Verify is expanding on the concept to check the resources of an entire webpage.

whatsapp chats safer
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To ensure this, WhatsApp has partnered with Cloudflare to act as a trusted third party. In technical language, the messaging app has provided Cloudflare a cryptographic hash source of truth for WhatsApp Web’s JavaScript code. So that when someone will use Code Verify, the extension will immediately be compared through the code being used on WhatsApp Web against the version of the code is verified and published on Cloudflare.

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WhatsApp’s Popularity

All this will ensure that WhatsApp becomes even more popular amongst the masses as it already was. This greater security will encourage people to trust the app more with their communication. Are you satisfied with this news?

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