Met Gala 2023 might be over but the looks have taken over social media by storm. Our very own celebrities and stars have taken to Instagram to share their favorite looks and stance from the fashion’s biggest night.

This year’s Met Gala paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld – a German fashion designer who has served as a creative director for top fashion houses including Chanel. Celebrities and singers turned up on the Metgala carpet dressed up in vintage couture from iconic Chanel looks. Meanwhile, a few including Jared Leto, Doja Cat, and Lil Nas paid tribute to Karl’s cat while dressed up in costumes from head to toe.

If you have missed out on the fashion’s biggest night. Here are some reactions from Pakistani celebrities to their favorite looks.

Saba Qamar

Our very own, Saba Qamar, is a huge fan of American icon Anna Hathaway. The actress took to social media writing ‘This lady has my heart’. 

Anna Hathaway was channeling her inner Andrea Sachs – the iconic character she portrayed in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Dressed up head to toe in vintage chanel we can’t help but swoon over her look.

Mishi Khan

Mishi Khan shared her stance on Met Gala by calling it ‘Crapgala’ and we can’t help but agree with her since some of the looks were pure nonsense and tacky.

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Hania Amir

Hania Amir is a huge fan of Doja Cat as the actress gave the American singer a shoutout by posting ‘Girrlllllll yes’. Doja Cat’s costume managed to catch a lot of attention since the look required massive effort and time.

Ahmed Ali Butt

Ahmed Ali Butt isn’t amused with the looks as he shared his stance on the event name. He wrote ‘Metgala reviews this year, might as well call it Catgala.’

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