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Hauntings are only interesting when you hear them in stories. But when they are actually happening to you, you may not be that excited. Something similar happened to one of our readers, and he shared the story with us. So get ready to hear something told to us by one of our followers.

Hauntings or breeze

This happened right here in Karachi. The story was about an office goer who had to pull an all-nighter at his workplace. Now, pulling an all-nighter is not a new idea or something to frown upon. Most industries, usually news channels and publications, are already 24/7 workplaces while others are only 9 to 5. In 9 to 5 workplaces, out of hundreds, usually, one or two of the staff stays behind when they have to complete a project. So in such a 9 to 5 workplace that we have been told not to name, our follower says he stayed until 3 am. With him was another colleague.

Aside from them, the floor was completely empty and dark. The only lights were on the side the two of them were working. Our follower says that he was rocking his chair a bit while brainstorming, and the designer was busy designing on the computer. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he noticed that a chair, three aisles down, was also rocking.

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He considered it as being mistaken, so he ignored it because there was no open window. Right at that moment, the same chair smashed into the nearby chair. Startled, he asked his colleague whether he had noticed what just happened.


The colleague who was known to have the sight of the supernatural and was known to almost always pull all-nighters at the office said, “Oh yeah, there are some cute jinns over there who like their presence known.”

With the normal tone, the colleague had replied, the storyteller got scared. To avoid the haunted aisle, he took the back route and just ran out of the office.

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Having heard about the hauntings of Balochistan as well as that of Karsaz, this is an interesting addition to our compilation of spooky stories.

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