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If you are a true Pakistani, you would have definitely heard of the Karsaz Churail. The legend has it that the Karsaz churail was really a bride whose groom died on Karsaz road. She was truly heartbroken and died. They say that she still roams the road where her husband-to-be is said to have died.

The Hauntings of The Karsaz area

Because of Karsaz Churail, the area started to become associated with a lot of rumors as well. You may have come across posts on Instagram, claiming that there are uninhabited houses that have been seen with a child hanging at the window. And much more. But really, they could just be rumors. The real attraction of Karsaz has always been the churail bride.

Karsaz Churail Bride in Karsaz

The Karsaz road used to be very dark and lonely, with absolutely no traffic initially. So the myth became strong. Now, however, the road is very vibrant, with restaurants and residential areas having been made. In fact, you will find a lot of ghostbusters traveling to Karsaz and returning with failure in their eyes because they couldn’t see her. We just might have solved the mystery for them. The reason they couldn’t see the Karsaz Churail is not that she is a made-up lie but that she may have been posted elsewhere.

Spotted at Malir Cantt

In recent news, it has been said that the famous chai place in Malir Cantt Karachi, Four Dots, may have been the current residence of Karsaz Churail. A Mair Cantt resident reported on a social media group that he saw a woman in black robes who insisted on dropping her off at the park of phase 1, Malir Cantt. Let it be noted that the park is the most creepiest of the entire residential area and people avoid visiting that park after nightfall. The man asked the lady to procure a Malir Cantt pass, but she insisted on getting a lift. This is all happening late at night after 1 a.m.

Well, there goes all my late-night chai trips to Four Dots. I am not ready to meet the churail yet.

As it turns out, ghosts do prefer lonely places, and if they become as crowded as Karsaz, they take refuge in gated communities. Are we really pushing out the ghosts as well? And are ghosts really going to stay silent at this urban dislocation?

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