We all know the feeling too well when we go to a concert to enjoy and dance to the tunes of our favorite singers but there’s a huge gap between the crowd and the stage.

It makes all of us obviously sad after paying a hefty amount for the tickets especially, but what’s worst is to see the area filled with the VIP seats.

But we are not alone who disagree with the VIP culture, even the celebs don’t understand it. Singer Abdullah Qureshi recently took to his Instagram to address an appalling incident to his fans and followers.

Here’s what he posted:

Say no to VIPs!!

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We can’t agree more to his dismay but it’s not just us, actress Hareem Farooq also replied to his post, commenting on the VIP culture.

Here’s her reply:


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Here’s what Hareem wrote:

More power to you brother!!!!!! Its Pathetic how they don’t know how to respect artists at the same time also want to be entertained. I am SUPER PROUD of you for not stooping to their level and misbehaving even though you had the right to! This shows a strong character! We need more of your breed! you make our family proud Qureshi!! ROCK ON AND I LOVE YOU.

Hareem made a strong point by saying that people expect the artists to perform for them but do not respect them. Its sad and pathetic at the same time.

Apart from Hareem, here’s how people have responded to Abdullah Qureshi’s post:

There were some who supported the organizers for their rules and regulations:

But there were others who spoke against the misbehavior of the organizers.

What do you have to say about this entire situation? Do you agree with Abdullah Qureshi and Hareem Farooq? Let us know!

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