Pakistanis were shocked by the revelation of rat meat being avidly sold in the nation. Now shockingly, a supermarket in Islamabad has been exposed for selling haram meat in the city.

A whopping fine Imposed!

Apparently, the store is being run by a Chinese and was sealed on the day of the raid. Unfortunately, the market was re-opened the next day.

After a complaint filed by a customer, Assistant Commissioner City Police, Saad bin Asad, conducted a surprise search of the supermarket.  Various packets of pork worth 20-25 kg were discovered and confiscated on the spot.

Upon investigation, it was revealed that the store owner did not have legal permission for selling pork in Pakistan.

A whopping fine of PKR  30,000 was imposed on the store and the commissioner summoned the store owner to his office.

The Halal Food Act deems trading or selling of haram meat illegal in the country, said the Assistant Commissioner. Foreigners, however, are allowed to buy or sell the meat only if they have a legal permit to do so.

This report is a major eye-opener for the whole of Pakistan. With substandard food being sold everywhere, citizens are unaware of the quality of food they are eating.

On top it, it is a whole different issue of ensuring that the food they are buying is Halal. It is the responsibility of the relevant authorities to ensure the citizens are not being fooled and take notice of vendors who are selling haram meat.