Google Drive has been people’s saving grace against the frightening menace of data loss since its launch in 2012.

If you are one of those people who are Google Drive dependent then, newsflash! You have only three months to back up years worth of data from Google Drive itself. The company has decided to terminate Google Drive.

What’s Next after Google Drive?

Google announced that they’ll be replacing Google Drive with Google Backup and Sync. The company announced that it will cease supporting it on December 11. The complete shutdown, however, will happen next year on March 12.

And this new development is putting people in a bit of a frenzy and nobody is holding back their emotions.

Really though, how did we?

Aren’t we all?

But no one can deny that cloud computing is the future of the computing world. Services like DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud etc. are facilitating people break free from storing data on a single device.

Google’s new Backup and Sync tool, however, will synchronize all your documents/files present on your desktop and will make your pictures part of Google Photos, that can be accessed anywhere, anytime!

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Contributed by, Abeer Anwaar