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While there are ways to transfer your data from an iPhone to an Android phone, it may not always be a sufficient one. Using Google drive gives you limited storage and can be quite a hassle if the data is a lot. To make it easier for iPhone users, the application in development is called ‘Switch to Android’. Under this, iPhone users can rest easy knowing that none of their data will be lost in the phone switch.

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iPhone And A New App

Due to this new upcoming application, iPhone users will be able to shift to an Android phone with all their data intact. One would not have to spend hours trying to figure out how to transfer the data. To use this application requires some steps. After those are done, your data can successfully be retrieved in the Android one. They are,

  • Download the ‘Switch to Android’ application from the store
  • Enter into your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Connect to Network^1 and enter Password^2

While this may not explain a lot, Google intends to release more details soon. We all know that Apple also made such an application for Android users. One can use that application to move their Android data to an iPhone. Now, Google has become to one to make an application that reciprocates the transfer.

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Transferring Data

Soon, the transfer method will be added to the Google framework and the public will be able to use it. We hope that it does well on the market and helps a lot of iPhone users to transfer their data. We don’t want angry customers having complaints of lost data. It can be quite devastating to lose any form of pictures or media when you get a new phone.

Right now, the application is still under development so you won’t find the official version anywhere. However, one can imagine that the application will appear in the store sooner than later.

iPhone and apple users get new app
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