Android app lets you check phone water resistance
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Android has come a long way since the first version of it came out. Despite there being so many obstacles, they have been operating well. Applications are made and released in all shapes and sizes. You can find an application doing any kind of work, be it making work easier or convenient. The Google Playstore is one where you find so many applications. The world is working to make sure technology does not lag.

In light of this, a new application has been released. It has been made on android and it can calculate the water-resistance of a phone! Now, you must be wondering how that can be done without actually testing it in water. Of course, there are many underwater tests, but this android app makes sure your phone does not see any kind of water. It keeps the phone safe and even allows you to check it more than once.

android phone to test water resistance
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Android Water Resistance App

The application goes by the name of ‘Water Resistance Tester’ and it is quite interesting how it works. Instead of actually using water to test, the app checks the integrity of the barometer in the phone. Make sure your phone is sealed, though. If there is a lack of water resistance, the app will sound an alarm on your phone.

Since new phones have a barometric pressure sensor built in them, the function of the application is possible. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is a phone where this is possible. Additionally, the Google Pixel 5 is another where such functionality is possible. Of course, it is not an accurate way to check the water resistance. There are varying degrees of accuracy on each phone.

Interesting Developments

This is quite a useful application and it gives us a hint of the future. Where we are seeing such applications, we may also see those doing different features. Despite there being a pandemic, people’s technological advancements have not stopped. We hope that the creators of the app are able to make more improvements to it. It is always fun to make such innovations that make people’s lives easier.

Additionally, the app does not come with a guarantee that your phone is definitely water-resistant. It is always smart to check online reviews and see if it’s actually resistant. Imagine one getting a hefty investment phone, only to find out it did not survive the water dunk. Regardless, it is certainly a nifty and safer way to check water resistance.

android app and testing resistance
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