Ginyaki – a Chinese takeout hub in Karachi has grappled the social media with its chopsticks thanks to its creative marketing. In honor of Ramadan, the Chinese hub rolled out its advertising campaign with some iconic catch-phrase compliant with Ramadan and this genius marketing is enough to at least try out the eatery once. Their ads are good enough to have us craving their noodle cups and if you haven’t checked out what is so revolutionary about them, then take a look at some of their Ramadan ads below.

Need no explaining, you get the point about this one …. Right?

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Our favorite has to be this one, twisting, turning, and slurping our noodles counts for an Olympic sport and we sure would win a medal if it was an actual sport. Need we say more?

These prawn sticks covered in gooey sauces remind us of the Korean corn dogs and if you need a scrumptious post-iftar craving fix then these prawn sticks can made for the best quick pick me up.

Let us know your favorite catch-phrase or marketing ad from their collection below.

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