AI-Powered Restaurant and other places that serve food
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AI is introducing itself in all kinds of domain today, with the food industry being the latest one. It seems that a new restaurant has begun its operation, where the food is cooked and ordered through AI. Yes, the restaurant seems to be entirely self-sustaining and it is attracting quite a lot of customers due to its unique approach to food. We are fascinated every day by what AI is capable of and it is refreshing to see it being used in multiple diverse applications rather than one domain.

CaliExpress, the world’s first AI-powered restaurant, opened in Pasadena, Southern California, in late December, offering a fully autonomous dining experience. Yes, all you have to do is go sit in the place and order whichever dish you would like to eat. Then watch as the robots process and bring you exactly what you have ordered.

Restaurant news and other technology on AI
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AI-Powered Restaurants

Cali Group, in collaboration with Miso Robotics and PopID, developed the restaurant’s innovative technology, automating both the ordering and cooking processes. The technology behind it is one that learns from experience and makes itself a better version as the time goes by. It continuously learns and reinvents itself to form a more polished version and provide a better experience for customers.

The restaurant features robot arms from Miso Robotics’ previous creation, Flippy, along with experimental 3D-printed “artifacts” and displays, providing a unique “pseudo-museum experience” for guests. Not only would the guests be having their eateries desires fulfilled, but they would be experiencing something entirely new.

AI powered restaurant in pasadena
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Where AI Is Headed

CaliExpress utilizes cutting-edge AI-powered technology to automate fry and grill stations, allowing guests to witness the robots preparing their custom orders. While your food prepares, you can glance at the entire process and marvel at how the work is being done. It is certainly a fascinating thing to watch.

This restaurant certainly serves as a benchmark that AI is moving forward with a swift pace and it will be spreading to more domains in no time.

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