Generation's Recent Campaign 'Consent On Nikkah' Is Setting The Bar Too High
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Generation has started a much-needed talk to discuss the importance of Nikkah. While the institution of marriage doesn’t give the most important element of the wedding its due importance, Generation has started the talk in collaboration with the Centre of Human Rights UCL. The initiative is brought about to spread awareness about the Nikkah and how certain elements of it are casually neglected even though they should be rightfully accepted.

The Nikkahnama & Its Clauses 

The Nikkahnama is one paper that legally announces the union of the bride and groom. This paper also signifies the contract based on mutual understanding between both parties. However, when it comes to reading and signing the Nikkahnama, it is often taken casually because firstly, most people don’t have enough information about their rights and how they should be the ones to make amendments to the clauses. Secondly, even if they do, they tend to keep quiet because the patriarchal norms tend to raise a lot of eyebrows and hence the bride tends to stay quiet.

However, just like any other contract Nikkahnama should be critically analyzed and research must be done beforehand to ensure that you have all the necessary information to make additional adjustments if need be. Generation is also making sure to spread awareness amidst the wedding season so that the information prevails.

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The Nikkah Officiate

Officiating the nikkah is another main component of the wedding ceremony. Section 5 of the Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961, refers that the solemnizer and officiater of the nikkah can be anyone regardless of their gender. There are no restrictions on women officiating marriages in Pakistan.

The campaign is also highlighting the difference between the Nikkah Khwan and Nikkah registrar. According to this, the Nikkah registrar is a public servant who is granted a license and is appointed by the relevant Union Council.

Amidst the ongoing wedding season, this campaign highlights the much-needed attention to the marriage contract and how rights must be granted to both the bride and groom before they are unified in an eternal bond. Both the bride and groom must go through the Nikkahnama carefully and ensure that their rights are protected within the Nikkahnama.

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