The prices of food items tend to increase during Ramadan due to the high demand for food and the increase in consumption during this period. The quantity of food and grocery items are bought more than usual daily to prepare for iftar and suhoor.

Inflation is most commonly seen at the time of Ramadan as the prices for commodities and essentials are increased regularly. However, in an already bad economy and soaring inflation of an all-time high, food vendors are charging citizens an exceptionally increased amount and no one is willing to take notice.

While some countries take steps to prevent excessive price increases during Ramadan, the same cannot be said about Pakistan. Moreover, there is no check and balance and zero accountability for selling food items at insanely high prices. In a similar instance, fruit vendors in Karachi are exposed for selling fruits at 5X the actual price and it is extremely disappointing.

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Fruit Vendors Overcharging In Ramadan 

The video was shared on the social media platform of an independent NGO in Pakistan. The owner compared the original price list offered by the government to the rates offered by vendors. The vendor who managed to charge a citizen PKR.2600 for the amount of PKR.1200 has no shame and remorse while doing so.

Take a look at the video below

Unfortunately, many vendors in the same market were caught doing the same thing. Meanwhile, one such vendor openly admitted to charging an increased amount from the citizen on camera. Such instances have become more common than ever making Ramadan an exceptionally difficult time for those living below their means.

While boycotting might be the only resort, it doesn’t come off as a fruitful solution since such people must be held accountable by the authorities.

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