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Have you heard of Flurona yet? If you haven’t, it’s time to get acquainted. This new phenomenon is being increasingly reported across the world and it requires people’s attention as it results in greater mortality rates. Here’s why you need to know about the latest development in the scary chronicles of coronavirus:

What Is Flurona?

Flurona is when an individual gets infected with the influenza virus and the COVID-19 coronavirus either together or very soon after or before. These cases of Flurona are being reported rapidly. Moreover, experts say that these cases are likely to grow as the Omicron virus becomes more common.

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Should You Be Worried?

If you do, however, get coronavirus, you would be better off if you don’t get the flu. Getting both simultaneously would definitely affect your immune system and have it suffer. However, experts say that it’s not a given you will get Flurona. Doctors use the analogy that: “the probability of both of those things happening at the same time is sort of like the probability of getting robbed by two people on the same day”. It can happen but it is not as if this is the most likely possible outcome.

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What Happens With Flurona?

The research that has been conducted on this says a lot. Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have found that 19% of people who tested positive for COVID also tested positive for another viral infection. Moreover, they found that 24% of patients diagnosed with COVID later tested positive for a super-infection. In both these situations, the outcome was increased rates of mortality. The research suggests that once tested for COVID, people should also be tested for other ailments.

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It is also concerning that this winter season, respiratory illnesses are more severe. They have become the same as the pre-pandemic. Doctors suggest that this is due to less social distancing and attention to hygiene. Additionally, this can also be because people’s immune systems are less equipped to fight off influenza when their immunity is already compromised.

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