5 Restaurants In Karachi That Are Offering Amazing Buffets

The ultimate food hub, Karachi offers a wide variety of restaurants and eateries which offer unique food ideas. At the same time, the buffet, which is an age-old concept, is still liked by many. While the food industry thrives on innovation and doing things out of the box, some people would instead stick to traditional values. Buffet restaurants in Karachi offer a wide variety of cuisines with fantastic service and quality. Hence, paying a visit to these buffet restaurants, at least once, is a must so that you don’t regret not indulging in the experience later.

1. Chaupal 

Chaupal took over the buffet game soon after its launch. Their extensive menu, which offers both tastes and good quality food, is loved by many to date. Located at the prime location of Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi, the decor and ambiance speak of quality and provide a perfect dining experience.

Meanwhile, the place is perfect if you want to spend some quality time on birthdays, anniversaries, friends’ gatherings, business conferences, and formal and casual dinings. The buffet includes a vast selection of sweet and savory dishes. The businesses catered by the restaurant include Pakistani, Continental, BBQ, Fried Seafood, Chinese, and Thai cuisine.

Per Head: PKR 1450

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2. Lal Qila 

One of the oldest yet the best in buffet restaurants is the OG Lal Qila. Known for its ambiance and a wide variety of Pakistani dishes, Lal Qila is your best bet if you like to enjoy traditional food with a hint of cultural elements along with Indo-Pakistan history. Meanwhile, look out for some of the best dishes on the menu, including Beef Chello Kabab, Tandoori Chicken Tikka, Chicken Labnese Kebab, Shahi Batair, Smoky BBQ Pizza, French Fries, Crispy Burger, Special Chicken Karahi, and Mutton Kunna.

Per Head: PKR 1290

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3. Great Wall

The talk of the town great wall is the latest hype for all the right reasons. The eatery offers a Chinese buffet which has left many raving about the place. From starters to desserts, everything is on point making it one of the best in the city.

Per Head: PKR 1299

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4. BBQ Tonight

Opened in 1988, BBQ Tonight serves authentic Pakistani dishes. With a unique taste, top-notch hygiene, and quality, it is famous for authentic desi dishes as well as live BBQ. Apart from the regular menu, the place offers a delicious and extensive buffet. BBQ Tonight is winning hearts all over the country with its unique varieties of cuisines for every flavor.

Per Head: PKR 1150

Restaurants In Karachi
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5. Clock Tower 

A relatively new name in town, the Clock Tower is known for scenic views with a blend of aesthetics and delicious food. Look out for various cuisines and a combination of flavors, and don’t forget to try out everything on the menu.

Restaurants In Karachi
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