karachi rain

Karachi received the ultimate Eid gift this week, the much-awaited monsoon rains of the season. The happiness was paired with rain Selfies and crunchy pakoras.

However, the joy of delightful weather soon faded with power outages, flooded streets and traffic jams.

karachi rain

We have to admit that this is what Monsoon showers in the City of Lights always seem to be. The citizens await the rainy season to get a break from the scorching heat.

However, it soon turns out to be a bane rather than a boon for the town.

Just see how the rain created a havoc in Karachi!

Swimming pools erupted everywhere!

The flooded streets caused so much trouble on the roads!

Electricity was not restored even after the downpour stopped! 

Many people have lost their lives due to the harsh weather

It all raises a big question about the development of the city!

Rain Emergency has been now declared in Karachi

But how can Karachiites enjoy the rain when it becomes a curse for so many?

After heavy rain took over Karachi yesterday evening, Pakistan Disaster Management Authority has issued an alert and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has imposed a rain emergency in the city.

Stay safe people!

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