Feroze Khan, the heartthrob of millions of Pakistani girls, is all set to begin the new journey of his life and will tie the knot next month, leaving so many of his fans teary eyed!

Rumors had it for quite some time now but according to a source, the Khaani star, who has been ruling our hearts with his dashing looks and extraordinary talent, has planned to get settled in his personal life as well.


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Earlier this month, the news of Feroze Khan getting married took the internet by storm as he revealed in an interview that he’s in a serious relationship and plans to get settled till the end of this year. Feroze said,

“I can’t reveal everything, but I am getting married soon. My wish is to do it quietly and without any extra attention of any sorts. Kaam, kaam hota hai and personal is personal and I want to draw a line.”

He further added,

“It’s a responsibility, and I want to prove myself as a good partner and I am just praying that it all goes well, so let’s see!”

That jummah face 😇 #MubarakYouAll

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We all hope that it goes well for our favorite star that we all love watching on our TV screens.

Feroze has emerged out as one of the best actors in our industry and he has evolved so much since he first made his appearance on the screens.

– love

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Feroze Khan’s ongoing drama “Khaani” has taken his career to a whole new level and his character Mir Hadi has made a huge impact on the audience. Even his upcoming projects, “Romeo Weds Heer” and “Dino ki Dulhaniya”, both are about wedding and bride so let’s take a hint from that as well!

The news of Feroze Khan getting married has come as a shock to many of his fans and we hope to see our handsome hunk leading a happy married life as well.

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Contributed by: Kayenat Kalam