Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan is one of Pakistan’s most renowned actors. Currently, he is making headlines after sharing insights about his life after marrying Dr. Zainab, his second wife. Known for his impressive acting, Feroze’s personal life has been under the spotlight for years. Particularly after his tumultuous divorce from his first wife, Aliza.

Feroze Khan Hopes Everyone Gets to Experience the Magic of Marriage

Feroze and Aliza’s marriage ended on a bitter note, with accusations of domestic violence and a contentious custody battle over their two children. Ultimately, Feroze gained custody of their son, Sultan, while Aliza retained custody of their daughter, Fatima. Moving past this difficult chapter, Feroze has started anew with Dr. Zainab, his cousin. The two married recently.

At a recent movie premiere, Feroze candidly spoke about how his life has changed after his second marriage. “I feel excellent, Alhamdulillah. It is a great feeling,” he stated. He added, “My life has changed completely after marriage.”

If you don’t know the talk of the town already, Feroze announced his second marriage to Dr. Zainab earlier this month. Feroze posted a picture of the newlyweds on Instagram on June 1, with the caption, “- welcome to my life; gorgeous,” accompanied by a series of emojis and the hashtag, ‘Nothing can stop us, we are up.’

Dr. Zainab is a psychologist by profession. Despite his previous marriage ending horribly in 2022, Feroze is looking forward to a brighter future. However, he did not address his past marriage or children during this conversation, it is clear that Feroze is ready to move forward. Which shouldn’t be difficult, as the media did not hold him accountable for his actions for too long. Feroze Khan was able to build his name in the industry soon, shortly after his public trial against charges of domestic violence.

In light of new beginnings, we wish Dr. Zainab and Feroze well in all their future endeavors.

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