Faysal Qureshi

Faysal Qureshi is a well-recognized name in the Pakistani industry. The actor cum anchor is a ray of sunshine which we all need in our lives.

However, the talented actor was recently injured during a shoot for an upcoming project. Faysal was shot on the back with a bullet, resulting in bleeding.

The shot was fired from a short distance, causing Faysal severe pain, so much so that he overwhelmed him for a few moments.

Thankfully, the rubber bullet did not cause much harm to the actor and he resumed his work after receiving first-aid assistance on the set.

A video showing the rubber bullet injury on Faysal’s back is going viral on social media showing his co-workers and crew members flanking him.

Take a Look


Faysal is currently hosting a new game show on BOL Entertainment by the name Kush Raho Pakistan.

Faysal Qureshi’s New TV Show is Called ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’!

We hope Faysal gets well soon and that his injury heals with Godspeed!

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