Actress and model, Faryal Mehmood, took social media by storm over the weekend with her latest dance video. The actress was seen grooving to a Pakistani number by Ali Sethi named ‘Ghazab Kia’. The actress shared the sizzling video on her social media as well as some bits from her epic dance routine.

Faryal Mehmood Grooves To ‘Ghazab Kia’

Faryal’s latest dance video is a sight for sore eyes with her contemporary moves and choreography which seems like a breath of fresh air. While wearing a hot pink crop top paired with vibrantly printed pants, every detail of the choreography looked put together.

Here’s the video showcasing her recent performance below:

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The Behind The Scenes

After the video received love from fans all over the world, the actress released a behind the scene clip from the dance practice of her latest video. Needless to say that her dance skills are top notch and the actress makes sure to nail each and every move while focusing on her body language and authentic facial expressions.

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If you are not having enough of the dancer dive, here is another gem from her social media. This video is bound to make you fall in love with her dance moves.

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