Alizeh Shah the young, fun-loving, bright star is one of the most aspiring yet bashed actresses in the industry. This is mainly because of her alleged plastic surgeries and the way she changed her appearance drastically. She was criticized for losing weight and becoming skinnier than ever.

She then proceeded to get procedures and enhancements done to her face giving her a more Korean Japanese look which further agitated the “moral police” of Pakistan. Fans told her that she was doing immoral and indecent things. However, many argue that she’s just enjoying her life and maybe doesn’t deserve all the negativity she gets.

Image Souce: Daily Ausaf

This is one of her earlier pictures from when she was just a newbie in the Pakistani film and drama industry. This is how she looks now.

Now some people may like the old her and some may like the new her and that totally everyone’s own opinion. But her actions are what people don’t like about her which is why her recent video has been making rounds on the internet. Here watch the video.

She can be seen in a white tank top and white sheer net robe with a black corset where she is just in a silly goofy mood and is dancing. Little did she know that she would offend so many people. Fans called her out for her scanty attire and her dancing like a “crazy” person. But can only crazy people dance?

Now this can be a total matter of opinion but many people argue that she is just a fun-loving and energetic person and that people on the internet should have more tolerance rather than bashing someone for their life choices. What a girl wears is no one’s opinion but Pakistan fans definitely have an opinion that they also like to vocalize all the time. Here’s what fans had to say.

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