Ladies and gentlemen! Get ready for the rumble of the year!

To our right, the contender who stands for ‘Together for Fun’ the bubbly, the chirpy, Hina Altaf! And to the left, we have the adventurous, the powerhouse performer, who believes ‘Fun is Where the Action is’, Maria Unera!

Both these girl are mind-blowing in their own ways, but, there is only one chair for Fanta’s official ‘Teen marketing Officer’, and the decision is in your hands!

But, wait, before you press that vote button, here’s what you should know about both these fierce ladies and your new TMO!


First things first, a TMO is someone who can easily mello with their fellow teenagers, and being a TMO, the teenage factor means you need to be popular! Candidates who are fun and happening have a huge following on popular social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, and yes, it does matter! So, let’s see who has the upper-hand in popularity…

With whopping 1.4m followers on Insta, growing every minute, Hina Altaf!
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Maaariaaaaa, secures the second position with almost 30k followers!
Fun is where the action is! #mariaunera #fanta #teen #marketing #officer #islamabad #lahore #karachi #nativerock
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A Teen Marketing Officer needs to be fun, hard working and should know exactly what teens are looking for! Being a TMO is a huge responsibility where work and fun need to be balanced, just like Fanta and Oye Hoye balance one another!

Here’s how wacky our candidates are;

Hina is a self-made icon for the youth. Not only she is a popular VJ, she has also starred in the popular heart-wrenching Pakistani drama, Udaari. Her character was loved and adorned from her first appearance on screen to her last dialogue. She is known to be laughter-central and becomes the soul of any room she walks in!

Catch this crazy cast right now on HUMTV

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Maria is a singer, songwriter, and a model who knows how to nail looks from the girl next door outfit to bridal, this girl can rock it all! She has the vocals to steal your hearts away and is just a vote away from being Fanta, and your new TMO!

Public’s Vote!

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